Media Spokesperson Training

Theoretical training—strengthen your key messages for media and other stakeholders.

We offer strategical and tactical consultation that helps you position brands and strengthen your reputation on traditional and social media.

Participants are recorded and are offered immediate feedback.


Crisis Management Workshop

Theoretical training—how to prepare a communications strategy for crisis scenarios that affect the reputations of brands, companies or individuals.

We recreate real life possible scenarios.

We create role-play situations and offer feedback from the local media perspective.


Crisis simulations

We create a “crisis” that a company could realistically face. We base this on its actual risk-factors and other considerations, working hand in hand with clients  in-house communications departments. We then create an actual TV news piece or print article, and use it as a basis for posing difficult questions.

We pose “surprise” questions to each trainee.


Communications with special interests groups 

Capacitation exercises that enable clients to apply effective communication techniques when addressing key audiences such as: local communities, authorities, government, employees, NGO’s, etc. Using role techniques, we recreate different scenarios depending on client’s needs. Each trainee is offered individual feedback.