“What you don’t see doesn’t exist”, this is why your company needs to be more visible and we at Media Trainers Manuel Teodoro can help you do so. Our capacity, based on Manuel Teodoro’s 30 plus years of professional experience producing content for major TV networks in Colombia and the USA can help you:

  • Get your results and initiatives seen on new social media and traditional media outlets.
  • Counter disinformation about your company, shatter myths and debunk fake news.
  • Showcase campaigns that reflect your organizations social and environmental responsibility.
  • Highlight and spread satisfied customers comments.
  • Showcase any aspect of your organization that could solidify its reputation


Research of perceptions

We offer information gathering services that allow clients to gauge public opinion about their companies, brands and key executives reputations.

We gather valuable information using direct question asking techniques that are aimed at generating quick responses.



We activate your social media accounts and put your brands in front of the right eyeballs

Complete consultation services on managing and monitoring your brands on social media. We offer instruction on how to take advantage of digital media to generate more interest in your brands during crisis and normal day to day scenarios.